What would it look like if John Muir and C.S. Lewis started a magazine? That was the thought behind The Edges.

The Edges is a collective of bloggers, thinkers, and life adventurers that explores the edges of life where faith and the everyday world collide.

Our in-house authors:

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A Brief History

There's a lot of noise in the world. Opinion websites, angry social media feeds, and just plain ole junk flood the world wide web. We created The Edges to inspire our readers. To remember that life is lived in the world not on a screen. That beauty and wonder still matter in this world. And that God created human beings to love, move, and explore. 

This site exists to stoke you. To remind you to crack a book. To have a think. To get outside. To hang with your friends. To meet new and different people. To explore the world of faith.  

As the site develops, we hope to offer you more tools for your raucous journey. No, we're not going to sell survival knives. But we just might send you a box of flowers to throw at your friends. 

To learn more about The Edges, read The Letter From The Editor