Why We Should Strive to Tell Good Stories

Why We Should Strive to Tell Good Stories

We are natural wanderers. In fact, some studies tell us our minds naturally love to daydream for a healthy part of the day. With all that daydreaming, what could possibly cut through and grab our attention?

Interestingly, the experts tell us that good stories possess the power to cut through the noise of the day and snap our minds to attention.

Think about how interested you become when someone at work stops by to tell you a story about their weekend. If its interesting, if it contains some kind of element of surprise, you’ll sit and listen to the whole thing.

But if it lacks details and intrigue, you’ll probably check out. And that’s natural.

We gravitate to well crafted stories.

I love a good story; whether told to me, or viewed on the screen, or read in a book. Now more than ever our culture utilizes storytelling. Companies tell their stories on their webpages, messaging touch points on printed materials, and through visual advertising campaigns, just to name a few ways.

What is it about stories that connects with us so well?

I've learned, when I buy a product, it's usually because I'm drawn into a narrative that's big; a story that widens my perspective of the world. We all want to feel like we’re contributing to something that matters. And wrapping a product in a story helps us connect with the things we buy on a deeper level.

But stories don’t just give context to products. Stories connect people with each other. Every person has a story. I think we may realize that somewhere in the back of our minds, but we seldom reach out and ask people about it.

Stories invite participation. Great companies we know and love use stories to invite us to participate. And it’s not necessarily with the product itself. It might be with the big idea they want to communicate around their product; like the concept of greatness, or perseverance.

Stories that invite, stories that pull us into something beyond ourselves; that’s what we love, don’t we? We want to be a part of a story like that. We want to step into a narrative that speaks to our sense of purpose.

And who would not want to do that one chicken sandwich at a time?

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