Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Today, The Edges friend and author of Curious Faith, Logan Wolfram, shares a special something to keep you warm in the winter cold, and early spring days. Logan can cook. Take our word for it. If you like recipes, then you'll love Logan's free ebook full of good eats. 

I live in South Carolina, and despite what those from the North think, it does get cold here.

Now I won’t even try to rival those of you in places like Michigan or New York or North Dakota … you win…every single time, you win the Winter wars hands down. But, I will say down South here, we do have to purchase coats and we do in fact have to wear them.

And before you start chuckling to yourself and thinking how “people in the South don’t know how to drive in snow,” let me just confirm for you that we don’t. But worse than snow, we actually end up often times with ice. I live in just the right sort of spot that is just cold enough to freeze the precipitation, but oftentimes not enough to crystalize it before it hits the ground.  

That being said, in defense of my friends to the South (in places like Atlanta who get made fun of for wintry driving even more than South Carolinians), I don’t know anyone who can drive well on ice.

It’s not uncommon for us to end up in this part of the country with ice storms that weight tree limbs down to splitting and knock out power lines for days. Truthfully, when we get winter it often isn’t delightful and white; oftentimes it’s bitter, wet, chill-you-to-the-bone, icy misery.

So when “the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful,” there is really nothing in my opinion that elevates that delight more than to cozy around the dinner table with family and friends for a warm, delicious meal.

So, as the weather is finally chilling here in the South, I thought I’d curate a group of some of my favorite cozy recipes for you. At first I was just going to do a couple, but then I started thinking of several that are just so yummy and warm and delicious that the whole thing ended up turning into quite the decent list and I decided to turn it into an eBook.

Once I got going I realized that so many of my favorites had stories to go along with them too. Because food carries memories and has the capacity to create moments worth remembering as well. So I wrote those, because who doesn’t love a good story?

If you’re like me and sometimes make a mess when you cook, the last thing I need to do is have my computer or a device sitting out where I have grease spattering or batter oozing all around.

So I thought I’d make all of the recipes into 4×6 cards that can easily be printed and referenced without gooping up some fancy electronic. I’m old school and truly believe that paper really is still the best way in so many applications.

The Winter Warmers eBook will:

  • Give you over 25 tried-and-true recipes! Enjoy delicious beverages, appetizers, soups, stews, entrees, and desserts perfect to keep you cozy during the chilly Winter months.
  • You can enjoy relatable stories that will have you laughing, nodding, and looking forward to spreading warmth around you!
  • Gain additional access to 30 FREE 4×6 printable recipe cards, perfect for cutting out and storing with all of your other favorites!

This winter join me in enjoying a warmth that simmers in your heart long before it boils in a pot on the stove!

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