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How Fairytales Show us Forever

How Fairytales Show us Forever

Monday we welcomed in my first born's sixth birthday with a Lego party.

Tuesday we shopped. Wednesday we cooked.

Thursday we celebrated the The Lord's supper/Passover, and Thursday night we slept in a tent and remembered Gethsemane.

Friday we picked flowers and made arrangements.

Saturday celebrated Easter with our extended family.

And that night, my husband, Josh, and I left a trail of dried flowers I've been collecting all year leading from the kids room to a table filled with all the living flowers we picked, and some I bought to plant, and pancakes, and Easter baskets with gifts for the kids to find when they woke up this morning.

Death to life.

The squeals of joy rang my heart awake. Just what I needed to get myself out of bed so we could attend church with my husband's extended family. 

Easter week was a flurry of life.

I barely had time to be anything else except fully present. In other words, I barely looked at my phone at all. It's was a relief that felt a little like free falling; a pushing away of the fear of things going wrong in order to appreciate and embrace the stomach flips as exhilarating instead of terrifying. 

Why all this flurry of activity?

Because of love.

And it's not just for one week. It's for today and tomorrow, and for all time.

It's the celebration of the greatest love the world has ever known that makes Easter the most important holiday of all. As we made some new traditions, and kept some old ones, I found the history of the death and resurrection of Christ more moving and powerful than ever.

The story of God becoming man. The story of a man dying to save his people from their own destruction. Rising from the dead, and changing the world forever is ancient.

Even before Jesus came to earth as God in human form, the stories made it into the minds of men.

The scriptures say that God has written eternity on our hearts. In every culture, in every generation people told stories that prophesied or foreshadowed the story of Jesus.

Why do we find ghost stories alluring? Because something in us leaps with excited allure that there truly is much more to know than we can fathom; much more after this life. That 'much more' is the eternity God wrote on the heart of humanity.

Why are we drawn to stories about magic beyond us, or ancient books with messages left for anyone to decode who's willing to believe in the story and look, or follow the treasure map to the hidden gold?

Why do we long for love stories to end with a triumph over a struggle? Why do we desire true love beyond mere lust, or even romance, to win out?

Because it resonates with the human purpose.

The encounters I've had with God from childhood faith, atheism as a teen, becoming a believer, all the way up to now, have only made these longings in me deeper, more mystical and beautiful. We as a human race are drawn to these transcendent stories of the mystical because it is written on our souls to want to find God and connect with Him.

Jesus is the medium through which all humanity is invited to connect with God. The stories, myths, fables and fairytales in every other place all point to the true love story of God and humanity.

Holy God created us to be His free lovers. He created us to be His children. Our freedom to choose distinguishes us god-children from all other creation:

Life or death.

Light or darkness.

Love or fear.

When we, as a human race, used our freedom to choose death, God made a way to redeem us from death. He would die in our place, and carry on Him the consequence of our sin and death.

He alone could die for humanity and bring salvation to all. Because he became a human who never sinned. It is Aslan for Edmund, and we all of us are Edmund.  

But in order to honor our freedom, Father God gives us the choice to believe. When we choose to put our faith in Christ's finished work on the cross, and believe that He rose from the dead he forgives us forever for the death we chose.

When we invite his Holy Ghost to live inside us, we are empowered to overcome our tendency to choose death all the time. In the moment of choosing to put our hope in Jesus' death and resurrection, he invites us to die to our old life and rise with him to our own new life that overcomes death forever.

We can meditate forever on Christ dying for humanity's sin, and raising from the dead to give us eternal life, and still always find new levels of love, power and glory in the story.

Death has died.

Love has won.


Thank you Father God.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Holy Ghost.

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