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There is More: A Response to Chester Bennington’s Suicide

There is More: A Response to Chester Bennington’s Suicide

If music can save people why doesn't music save musicians?

I've had people say to me, "You're music saved my life." But let me just say, it isn't music that saves people.

When we worship music this false god will be shaken. Anything built on our idolatry will fail us and fall away in the end.

Success, fame, family, friends, romance, pleasure, philosophical highs, work, physical strength, intellect, all these areas of life prove meaningless when you consider all the lives built on these things that have ended in suicide or in some other tragic robbery of life.

The truth is, if there is a life saved by the music we make, it is not the music itself that saves, it is the Spirit behind it.

So many people, myself included, listened to Linkin Park because it was honest and made them feel less alone in their pain and questions and struggles. It is not incidental that Linkin Park drew and ministered to a many suicidal fans.

And it is disgustingly irresponsible to disregard the impact we will have on our fans and family by such public choices of death ... the enemy is suicide.

It is not romantic.

It is not poetic.

It is not beautiful.

It is theft.

It is destruction.

It guarantees no rest for the one who wants their pain to stop.

It is the result of evil and fear and pain and hopelessness and shame and deception and not knowing that each of us are created in the image of God and have such great value and worth because of this, that God Himself, our creator, considers us all worth dying for.

Worth redeeming.

As a survivor of contemplating suicide for years and planning it, I came to find that Jesus Christ has offered all humanity freedom from all of the torment of the evil we are drowning in if we will freely put our trust in him and ask him to deliver us.

Even after I had an encounter with God on the day I planned my suicide at sixteen, I went through dark seasons of deception and confusion about life and purpose and knowing who I am and who I was created to be.

And again back in a suicidal place in my early twenties, questioning God's existence and questioning my own salvation experience, I found that choosing to trust In Christ in the moment of doubt rescued me from death once again.

I have found no life outside of putting my hope in Christ. And I have found so much life in following, and choosing to trust in him and his love. There is so much life in loving him back by being thankful for this life he has given me. 

There is so much life in handing Him all the broken pieces and watching him turn my messes into masterpieces of glory to help others overcome. There is more to do. There is more love to give and love to receive.

I pray each one impacted by this death will not be seduced into believing the lie that suicide will be a poetic end, or that it will finally make people face truth, or that it will guarantee an end to their suffering.

But instead I pray the angel armies of heaven would go and protect the truth of Heaven in the hearts of those Christ died for, that we are all worth dying for. I pray they will know and believe in the value of another day. And they will choose to be alive, especially because the odds say they should die.

I pray that when they wrestle Death again, they would know more of his moves as tricks and strategies and will choose not to give in.

It is brave to live.

I find it prophetic that on this day I am reading Ravi Zacharias' book Jesus Among Other Gods, The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message and am at the part where he shares how on the day he attempted suicide he survived in a hospital physically because of the doctors serving.

But he survived in the hospital spiritually because someone read him these words from Jesus: 

"Because I live, you shall live also."

Let us understand this Lord. Let it be manifested among all who read this and are impacted by this tragedy. Turn what evil meant for harm into glory that saves many lives.

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