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The Saturday Stoke #6

The Saturday Stoke #6

When was the last time you felt really inspired?

I recently met with a few men to discuss the passions and values that give life meaning and ignite it with passion.

I left the meeting invigorated. The words we shared inspired my heart and sent ideas racing through my mind.

I love how ideas and dreams—these things that can seem so far out there, invisible and even hard to grasp—can bring like-hearts together and stoke a common fire.

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These invisible things start to form in your mind’s eye and then they tap on the door of your hope and remind you of what is possible. Then somehow these thoughts and dreams take on flesh and bone.

All this, from a simple meeting with real human beings. I think we forget how precious meeting with one another really is.

There’s something otherworldly about sitting with people and sharing what’s on your heart, what stirs your emotions, what you hope to achieve, your private thoughts, your fears, and your loves.

The human element of life might be fading, sending us into isolation behind our screens. But how can we forget that the world works through human minds. Innovation and progress begin in the human heart, and bloom through the beauty of collaboration.

I marvel at the power of human interaction.

Do we believe God made us so that we could spend a lifetime hiding behind our phones and profiles and curated feeds?

Of course not. We know he created us for togetherness. His plan all along was to be together with us. Our communion with him should inform our communion together.

But I’m not sure it always does.

God does not hide behind anything. He waits for us to meet him. Do we?

I wonder how our cultural isolation affects our private communion with him. The only person who knows that for sure, is you and me.

You see, what I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t turn on communion with God or anyone like a light switch. It’s something cultivated daily.

I think many of us show up to church on Sundays feeling the distance of our own isolation. And we want to reach out and tell someone. But, it’s just too hard.

We grow up and somehow lose the magic abilities we had when we were nine, when we could meet someone for the first time and ask them, “Do you want to be friends? Can we be penpals?”

Communion, when you’re nine, is as natural as breathing.

How did we lose that power?

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Here’s a quick hack for regaining the magic of togetherness.

Step outside your front door, and talk to your neighbor. Don’t worry, they’re as scared as you are. And don’t sweat a plan. Just say hey and let the conversation begin.

Next, call a friend you haven’t seen for a while and ask them to meet you at a pub or coffeeshop.

Finally, get off your phone in the mornings, get up a little earlier, sit in your quiet chair and read the book of Colossians straight through. It will maybe take you 15 minutes.

In each of these directives you’ll notice movement. A step, a call, a meeting, time spent reading.

We cultivate love when we move toward each other. And love draws us into the movement of heaven.

Stay stoked my friends.

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