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Because this is where we live ...

In the huddled hushes of shadows that dance around the fire. It's a place where the wild meets the civilized. Blazing wood, cracking, popping, mixing with laughter, hot and cold beverages lovingly held and enjoyed. A friend strums quietly on the guitar. Young ones play ghost in the graveyard off in the shadows. 

We live on the edges

After the election cycle of 2016, I was done. I deleted social media apps from my phone, bought a wooden clock, and got back to the basics in my life.

When I did turn to the internet for reading or enjoyment, I often found it not on religious websites, or blogs, but in those pioneers who were living and writing about their passions. 

From the great outdoors, to philosophy, to homeschooling. I was tired of the yelling, name calling, passive aggressive behavior that I'm sure would not occur if we sat in the same room and discussed politics, life, religion, art, and love. 

So, I began walking at night; to have a think. Here's what I discovered.  

My life is not some relational or cultural monolith. It's a kaleidoscope of activity, desires, passions, failures, interests, and relationships. But nothing reflected this online.

Certainly social media was not an inspiring place. Quite the opposite, actually. I didn't want that rancor in my life. I wanted to move out, into the edges of life, where the wildness of life meets with the beauty of it. 

So I began to collect things on this site. Images, articles, and quotes that breathed life. I began writing pieces I thought would encourage and inspire. I wrote more poetry. I listened more. I took my time. I laughed more. Stayed longer at the fire.

On the weekends, I made morning fires on the chiminea on my back deck and sat with girls in the freezing winter cold. We watched clouds, birds, and the fire shadow cast on the decking. 

You and I, we are parts of a whole. We are family members. We are friends. We are artists. We are writers.

We are homeschool moms. We are homeschool dads. We are public school moms and dads.

We are managers, students, lovers, fighters, pioneers, adventurers. We laugh. We weep. We shout in victory. We scream in defeat. We are, alive. 

And so I give you The Edges. I want it to reflect life. An actual movement of to and fro-ness.

The look and feel? Think about what would happen if Anthropologie and REI had a web-baby. 

The content? Think about what would happen if John Muir and C.S. Lewis started a blog together. A rugged and free exploration, guided by honest pursuit of the Creator God.

It is adventure and discipleship, grit and beauty, poetry and theology. It is a realization and a seeking that "God makes known to us the path of life; in His presence there is fullness of joy; at His right hand are pleasures forevermore."

There are no elitist writers and thinkers here. Just real people. Moms, dads, students, singles, old, young (teenagers!). We are the collective. You included.

Have an article you think will contribute to the community here? Send it to us. Want to write an original piece? Submit one. Have an epic quote that rocks your world that you want to share? We want to read it. 

The Edges is a place where the wilderness voice that we all find welling up within ourselves intersects with the clamor of the modern world. And your wild places are what we want to find.

So bring forth your barbaric YAWP and contribute something that helps all of us discover those hidden streams that perhaps only you’ve discovered — whether they be within our urban melting pots, our suburban hamlets or the wide open skies of remote living.

Find a category. CREATE a category. But sing here with us.

Our categories reflect life. It's ever expanding as we find great content to share.

Our only request of you is that you come along. But don't spectate. Read, share, and do, and then share in your doing. 

Life isn't safe. We live it on the edges. And it's there the beauty rises and soars us to new heights. 


Timothy Willard

Editor | Founder


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