Quarterly Journal Tip Jar

Quarterly Journal Tip Jar

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Dear Friends,

The response to the news of the print journal/newsletter has been overwhelming. We thought perhaps 50-100 people might be into going analog. But we are now pushing 700, and the list is growing daily. And it is international, with over 10 countries from South Africa to New Zealand represented.

Many of you have expressed your delight in the creation of this piece, and have asked to help by paying for postage or production. Some of you have offered to pay for the shipping costs of others. This is incredible, and exemplifies the community spirit we love to see here at The Edges. 

So, we created this tip jar. When you give money here, your funds go directly to cover the postage and production of our quarterly print newsletter/journal. If you'd like to give more than the set amount of $10 you can just increase the quantity.

We appreciate your kindness and generosity so much! Please email me if you have any questions. 




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